The ``Covid19 back off`` plan

Let’s rediscover the simple pleasures of life: enjoy a moment with our loved ones, in TOTAL IMMERSION WITH THIS BEAUTIFUL AND SURPRISING NATURE!

Our job does not stop at « giving the keys and welcoming just like another client » as some platforms seem to think. Our KNOW-HOW OF 3 GENERATIONS allows us to offer you the unique experience where you will find what you have come to look for in the Verdon.

We have to modify our welcome conditions because of « you know what ». Faithful to OUR VALUE OF AUTHENTICITY, to welcome you, we worked with the whole team on an « other » experience of stay, combining health protection and change of scenery. Without falling into an « ultra hygienist » discourse, we owe you more than cleanliness.

So, for the safety of everyone, customers and staff, here are the measures that we have been implementing
for several weeks now. So that you can enjoy your stay with a light mind, we have SYNTHESIZED SEVERAL NATIONAL SANITARY PROTOCOLS: that of the National Federation of Outdoor Hotels, Atout France and Camping Care.

In order to be always at the forefront of information relating to everyone’s safety, these measures are set to evolve in the coming days and weeks. This is why this document will be UPDATED REGULARLY. It can be viewed
on the page dedicated to « you know what » on our website.