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Us being locals will help you greatly! In love with the region for 3 generations Our campsite was created in 1959 by my grand-parents, Maurice and Andréa Fichaux. They were born in the north of France but felt in love with the Verdon at first sight , we’ll be very happy to share with passion and enthousiasm our tips to discover the area outside out of the beaten paths Of course we can also speak about the emblematic paths of Martel and l’Imbut but there is so many other things to do! . Don’t content yourself with generic information and challenge us we can’t know everything either! But if you have a tricky question, we’ll do everything we possibly can to find the answer (and even try it out during the low season, to provide the best advices… ! In the Gorges du Verdon, there are so many things to do and see that you can really make your way and discover an authentic territory. On this page, you’ll find some basics information but the best to get in touch. Through email, during the welcome drink or at anytime during your stay, we can answer your questions.

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So you don’t loose not a single second of your time or just to get new ideas, feel free to check out our ready to use stay ideas inside the gorgeous Gorges du Verdon or really close by
Ready to discover the Verdon as <strong>wide</strong> & <strong>wild</strong> as nature?

Ready to discover the Verdon as wide & wild as nature?

(to be released soon) The great outdoors are calling and attracting you? You need to get some fresh air, take some height? Let's go! #NeverStopExploring

Looking for an <strong>intense weekend</strong> in the Verdon?

Looking for an intense weekend in the Verdon?

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What if the grass <strong>wasn't greener elsewhere</strong>?

What if the grass wasn't greener elsewhere?

Pick from all our recommendations for activities located within the 10 km perimeter around the campsite to live an ultra local and exotic experience!

Want to be juste <strong>the 2 of you</strong>?

Want to be juste the 2 of you?

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Declare, maintain or rekindle your love with this selection of activities to do as a couple in the Gorges du Verdon #VerdonLove

Are you travelling <strong>with kids</strong> in the Verdon?

Are you travelling with kids in the Verdon?

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Do you want to discover the <strong>Verdon during autumn</strong>?

Do you want to discover the Verdon during autumn?

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Our favourite places

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trigance chasteuil

Right at the entrance to the Left bank of the Verdon, Trigance has the hallmark of an out of time medieval village. Its castle has become a gastronomic restaurant with a uniquely preserved ambience. Arts lovers will fall in love with the different art galleries punctuating its cobblestoned streets. For more information: the French website of the village of Trigance

Lac d’Allos et Colmars les Alpes

lac camping chasteuil

Highest European lake within the Mercantour National Parc, the Lac d’Allos shelters an amazing Alpine fauna and flora. In the beautiful town Vauban, the Fort de France and the Fort de Savoie stand against one another. For more information: the website of the Tourist Office in Allos.


The Valensole plateau wears different cloaks depending on the season: lavender blue in July, the color pinkish brown of the ploughed lands in November and green on snow-covered mountains when the wheat is sowed. Also famous from the highly famous and very beautiful photo of Provençale Lavender Fields. For more information: the website of the Tourist Office of Valensole.

castellane lavande

Lac de Castillon

castellane camping provence

Smaller but as blue as its neighbor the Lac de Sainte Croix, it is said that one can see the bell tower of its drowned village when the sun is at its highest point. At a walking distance of the EDF barrage of the same name, young and old alike will appreciate resting on the beaches or taking a ride on a rented boat. For more information: the website of Gorges du Verdon.

La Corniche d’Or

Considered by a handful as the most beautiful drive to Saint Raphaël and Cannes, the « Corniche d’Or » is bordered by the splendid blue water of the Mediterranean on one side and by the characteristic red stones of the Esterel on the other. For more information: the website of the Tourist Office of the Estérel.

fossiles gorges du verdon


A Must-see of the « Route du Temps », Digne is home to many geological vestiges: the Ammonite Slab… The prefecture of the Alpes de Haute Provence is also very famous among spa lovers who come to enjoy the thermal waters of this station. For more information: the website of the Tourist Office of Digne.


Starting point of the dizzying Route des Crètes, the famous Martel/Blanc hike, la Palud sur Verdon is without any doubt the place to be for mountain climbers. For more information: the website of the Tourist Office of La Palud Sur Verdon.

village rougon gorges du verdon


Famous for its sandstone, Annot remains an authentic roman town just beyond the main roads. A Mandatory stop of the Train des Pignes, this small emblematic village is worth a look. For more information: the website of the Tourist Office of Annot

annot gorges du verdon

La Palud Sur Verdon

Point de départ de la fameuse et vertigineuse Route des Crètes, du sentier Martel/Blanc, la Palud sur Verdon est sans conteste le lieu de rendez-vous incontournable des grimpeurs. Pour plus d’informations, rendez-vous sur le site de l’Office du Tourisme de la Palud sur Verdon.

camping provence castellane

Lac de Sainte Croix

Thanks to its azure waters, the Lake of Sainte Croix attracts thousands of visitors every year. On a background full of mountains, arranged beaches allow visitors to enjoy their favorites activities: swimming, boat rental… For more information: the website of the Lake of Sainte Croix.

entrevaux chasteuil


Fortified by Vauban, this town is a silent witness to the busy life of times long gone and is the ideal place for dreamers leading itself to reveries and firing the synapses of imagination. Nearby, the Gorges du Cians and Daluis, hollowed into the red schist, offer breathtaking views.

Moustiers Sainte Marie

Confined between two mountains and very close to the spectacular Lake of Sainte Croix, Moustiers Sainte Marie is ranked among the most beautiful villages of France. The earthenware which once allowed the development of this small village keeps amazing travelers from across the world. For more information: the website of the Tourist Office of Moustiers Sainte Marie



grasse chasteuil

Galimard, Fragonnard, Molinard…  so many names evocating a little city, the world capital of perfumes, where walking around smells good…  With a nice view on the close-by Mediterranean sea, Grasse is also a gateway to the French Riviera. For more information: the website of the Tourist Office of Grasse.

Our recommendations


adventure forest gorges du verdon


maison nature patrimoine gorges du verdon
prehistoire gorges du verdon


mur abeilles gorges du verdon

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Our hiking recommendations

canyon du verdon chasteuil-provence
canyon gorges du verdon

The GR 4

This path, along the former Romain road, goes from Castellane to Rougon via Chasteuil, and is located 2km away from the campsite. For more information: GR Infos
sentier martel chasteuil-provence

The Martel

This path enables the discovery of the Grand Verdon Canyon. It starts in La Maline to Point Sublime, 8 km away from the campsite. Read more at: Altitude Rando
Campsite Canyon Verdon
ISABELLE’S TIP: We would be delighted to share our recommendations and the best available deals of the region with you.  Just ask us during the Welcome Meet & Greet or casually at the reception. Being from the region give us the advantage of knowing the best spots!